Alessandro Concas BizMan 2022Los Angeles, CA – From the incredibly talented and adventurous mind of teen wunderkind Alessandro Concas, comes the enticing follow up novel Warning of the Ultimate Element in the widely popular Children’s series Life of Time Cat series. The published author of two Children’s books (The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom and Life of the Time Cat: Rise of Catastrophyre) adds another thrilling dimension to the tales of the “Time Cat”, a proclaimed owner and protector of space. Alessandro’s upcoming novel takes young readers on an exhilarating journey through time and space as Time Cat continues to protect the universe from dark forces.

“My new book is an incredible read for that special youngster in your life,” says Alessandro. “I guarantee that my book will bring happiness to children ages 7 through 12.”

In connection with the release of his new novel, the budding entrepreneur is also announcing his plans to eventually become an investor or a partner with the indoor waterpark and resort, Great Wolf Lodge, in Anaheim, CA. Filled with a passionate love for Great Wolf Lodge, Alessandro wants to share that happiness with kids in every state and every country by expanding their operations worldwide. Complete with entertainment for everyone, families can experience a world of play that they will never forget.

Life of the Time Cat - Warning of the Ultimate Element“I believe Great Wolf Lodge is the BEST place in the world! From the ‘Hungry as a Wolf’ restaurant to the brilliant Magi Quest game, to the water slides and the arcade, I never get tired of it! says Alessandro. “I see it from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur and as a client, and I just can’t help it but be excited about it…I will be so happy to be a part of an operation that sells Happiness!”

Based in Valencia, CA, the entrepreneurial-minded teen is the son of famous artist and businesswoman Oksana Kolesnikova and a student at Rio Norte Junior High. One summer, then-eight-year-old Alessandro found himself a little restless and used his free time to write his first book, The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom. Since then, Alessandro has helped other children to be more productive during their free time by embracing an entrepreneurship and sales mindset through his books. The prodigy contributes proceeds from book sales to welfare organizations and his school’s fundraisers while also saving a portion of the funds for his college tuition.

Alessandro Concas released his third novel Life of the Time Cat: Warning of the Ultimate Element on his thirteenth birthday on September 12, 2022.


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