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Dear Parents:

I am Alessandro Concas and I am going to tell you about my company, “B.S.E.” which stands for Book Selling Enterprise. (see press release below)

I came up with the idea of B.S.E. when I realized that there are not many after school programs that teach kids how to be good entrepreneurs; so I created B.S.E. where I can teach them and they have the chance to use those skills in the real world.

Your children will learn these skills by selling the books that I wrote, and by me teaching them sales and public relations skills.

What B.S.E. creates is real-life experience. Your kids would benefit from being involved with B.S.E. because this company would help them experience entrepreneurialism and prepare them for the future.

This would also solve the problem of your children not having savings of their own for when they become adults because when your kids sell my books, they earn 25% of the sales!

To give you an idea of the potential for income they can earn with B.S.E., your child could easily sell 20 books in a two-hour span.   Each book sold on average produces a commission of $3.25.  Times 20 books = $65 in two hours!  If they did this every day five days a week, they could take home around $325 per week, pure profit.

All you have to do is supervise your child while he or she is selling my books.

I will assign them to a nearby location where to sell my books, which can be the front of a kid-friendly store that gave me permission to do so. Then your kids will convince people who pass by to buy my books.

To prepare them, I will train your kids before they sell my books. They will learn exactly what to say to potential buyers in any scenario, overcome objections, etc.

To apply for the B.S.E. sales/PR position, please fill out the application form below.

If you have any other questions about B.S.E, please contact me here.


B.S.E. Application Form

PRESS RELEASE: Wunderkind Alessandro Concas Launches Book Selling Enterprise (B.S.E) to Inspire Entrepreneurialism Among Children

B.S.E. gives students the opportunity to sell merchandise, in the form of books, to learn important lessons in entrepreneurship and enterprise.

Los Angeles, CA – Alessandro Concas, a budding entrepreneur who just recently graduated with straight A’s from Tesoro del Valle Elementary School in Valencia, CA, is setting a new venture in motion that will give other young students interested the chance to learn business skills. Book Selling Enterprise, or B.S.E., will provide Alessandro’s published books for children to sell, from which they will gain experience in entrepreneurship, public relations, and salespersonship. Further, those who sell books with B.S.E. are entitled to 25% profit, giving them an understanding of what it means to have a salary and balance personal finances, and are likely to benefit from future advantages such as scholarships, awards, and promotions.

“I realized that there are not many afterschool programs that teach kids how to be good entrepreneurs, so I created B.S.E. for kids like me to have the chance to learn more about having business responsibilities and practice their skills in the real world,” explains Alessandro, Founder and CEO. “My hope is that B.S.E. will expand to support students across California, and even other states, so that more students can learn from this program.”

Children who are primed to think with an entrepreneurial spirit obtain behaviors and skills that can help them lead a successful life, such as self-confidence, resilience, problem solving, creativity and innovative thinking, goal setting, initiative, and even empathy. B.S.E. is focused on instilling those same core values in the young minds of current elementary and middle school students. Alessandro has felt the way that his business and finance skills have motivated him, and he wants to share it with as many other children his age as possible.

Students affiliated through B.S.E. will be selling Alessandro’s penned novels, “The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom” and the exciting, sci-fi “Life of the Time Cat.” These books were written to keep children his age engaged and active, and provide fun storytelling for all ages. B.S.E. is excited to expand its book and merchandising stock in the coming years and reach more children eager to learn. You can learn more about Alessandro and B.S.E. at his website AlessandroConcas.com

About Alessandro Concas: 

Founder and CEO Alessandro is a 12-year-old entrepreneurial mind who has already written two books of his own, and plans to write more. His book-writing career began with his first book, “The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom”, which he wrote at age 8. His second sci-fi book series, “Life of the Time Cat,” starring Bijou, the character based on and named after his cat in real life, is a source of much of his inspiration and he plans to continue writing sequels and building new ventures based on his beloved pet (he has already composed a soundtrack for the future movie series!). Son of Oksana® Kolesnikova, award-winning pianist and composer and CEO of three successful ventures of her own, Alessandro is a skilled pianist himself and avid chess player.

 Alessandro has always possessed a philanthropic spirit, and uses the proceeds from the books to contribute to welfare organizations. He also spearheaded an After-School Enrichment Program, Financial Literacy for Children and Teens, through his parents’ company, Oksana Management Group, Inc. The program aims to empower the upcoming generation by teaching them the fundamentals of finance and entrepreneurship. Alessandro recently graduated with honors from Tesoro del Valle Elementary. He’s now entering 7th grade at Rio Norte Junior High in Valencia, CA.

Alessandro B.S.E. Opportunity for Kids

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