Alessandro Concas by MindyThe incredibly gifted and entrepreneurial-minded 10-year-old son of Oksana® Kolesnikova aims to help children make free time more productive while using proceeds to contribute to welfare organizations; follow-up book, Warning of the Ultimate Element, due for publishing in 2021.

Los Angeles, CA – August 5, 2020 – Far from the average youngster, Alessandro Concas, the 10-year-old son of artist and businesswoman Oksana® Kolesnikova, is gearing up to release his first book in the Life of the Time Cat series, titled Rise of Catastrophyre. The ongoing series of books focuses on the “Time Cat,” a proclaimed owner/protector of space who eventually has an outing with “Catastrophyre,” who becomes jealous of Time Cat and vows revenge so he can secure his universe. The follow-up book in the Life of the Time Cat series will be Warning of the Ultimate Element, scheduled for publishing in 2021.

Rise of Catastrophyre is being marketed as an “incredible read for children aged seven through 12,” enticing parents and other adults to pick the book up as a gift for the special youngster in their life.

Young Alessandro produced the book during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, proving his ability to use this isolation time wisely and productively.

Something as a poster child for the rarity of young and successful entrepreneurs, 10-year-old Alessandro Concas is raised in a family environment that fosters talent and creativity, evidenced by his mom Oksana® Kolesnikova’s determination to become a renowned musician and CEO of three successful business ventures. When he was just eight, Alessandro was already spearheading his entrepreneurial underpinnings in the form of his first book, The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom, which, as its namesake suggests, includes various fun-filled activities to keep children active and engaged.

Perhaps most impressive about this endeavor was how Alessandro not only aimed to help children like him make their free time more productive, but that he used the proceeds from the book’s sales to contribute to welfare organizations and fund his future college education – something he plans on doing with the sales of the Life of the Time Cat books, as well.

Life of the Time Cat - Rise of CatastrophyreFrom starting his mornings by checking the stock market – not something every 10-year-old does – and looking to icons like Elon Musk for inspiration, to embracing a drive to contribute to society’s welfare, Alessandro Concas constantly sets a precedent for children his age to follow. He’s currently a student at Tesoro del Valle Elementary School, and while his favorite subjects are science and math, he has remained a straight-A student who has managed to excel in all areas.

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