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Alessandro Concas by Mindy

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My name is Alessandro.


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I am just a regular kid, the son of famous California-based pianist, composer and entrepreneur Oksana® Kolesnikova and a student at Tesoro del Valle Elementary School. I like to help other children make their free time more productive with my books while using proceeds from the sale of them to contribute to welfare organizations, as well as funding my own college education and help with my school’s fundraisers. My very first book was “The A to Zs of Fighting Boredom” which I wrote when I was 8 years old. My second book, “Life of the Time Cat: Rise of Catastrophyre” is now available for purchase! “Warning of the Ultimate Element” is the second book of the Life of the Time Cat series that I am working on right now and planning to publish sometime in 2021.

Life of the Time Cat - Rise of Catastrophyre